Engineering Services Overview

Reservoir Screening and Chemical EOR Selection

 Using the Ultimate EOR Screening tool, we can quickly and objectively evaluate reservoirs for EOR potential. All EOR techniques are evaluated, ensuring the selected technology is the best fit for the reservoir of interest.

Tracer Tests

 UEORS is capable of designing, simulating, and analyzing tracer tests. This includes single-well tracer tests (SWTT), single-well chemical tracer tests (SWCTT), interwell tracer tests (IWTT), and partitioning interwell tracer tests (PITT).

Pilot Design and Analysis

 UEORS is capable of designing and predicting performance in EOR pilots ranging from one-spot injections to multi-pattern tests. During and after pilot execution, engineers optimize the injection and depletion strategy to maximize returns while maintaining good performance.

Modeling Laboratory Experiments

 Engineers at UEORS are experts in proper simulation of EOR laboratory experiments. Once realistic matches are obtained, the simulation results can be scaled up to reservoir volumes.

Waterflood Optimization

 Improving waterflood performance is an important strategy in depletion economics. Reservoir engineers at UEORS can increase sweep efficiency and reduce water cut by recommending appropriate technology deployment in a reservoir. This may include tracer tests, conformance control strategies, injection/production balancing, well workovers, and wettability alteration techniques.