Field Support Overview

 Tracer Test Design and Implementation

Ultimate EOR staff have experience assisting in field scale tracer test implementation. The presence of skilled staff on site during the injection and sampling phases of tracer tests helps ensure appropriate chemicals are injected in every phase and the sample collection procedure is adequate. We assist in all tracer tests, including single well EOR pilots and interwell tracer tests.

 Chemical EOR Facilities Assessment

UEORS chemists and engineers are experts in EOR formulation mixing and quality control. We independently evaluate a planned or existing facility for suitability in chemical hydration, mixing, storage and injection. Whenever possible we will make recommendations which leverage existing infrastructure.

 Chemical Procurement

Proper procurement of large volumes of chemicals at low cost is essential in chemical EOR implementation. We have relationships with most major suppliers of surfactants, polymers and other chemicals used in EOR formulations, and will help clients through the process of chemical evaluation and awarding of bids. We also assist clients with the supply-chain side of chemical procurement.

 Produced Fluids Handling

Management of produced water and emulsions is an important design consideration in chemical EOR flooding. We have expertise in emulsion breaking and fluid handling and have competent industry contacts who specialize in these areas. Successful management of produced fluids will help an EOR project maintain long-term profitability.

 Chemical Quality Control and Onsite Laboratory

UEORS has the capability to evaluate injected chemicals for quality before and during chemical injection. Quality assurance is critical in executing and analyzing a successful EOR flood and our onsite laboratory can evaluate all relevant fluid properties before they are injected.