State of the Art Enhanced Oil Recovery

From Leading Experts in the Petroleum and Chemical Industries


All successful EOR projects start with a thorough laboratory investigation


Give crucial design guidance through all phases of EOR implementation


Educate participants in all aspects of EOR implementation

Field Support

Provide worldwide support for ongoing EOR projects

The Ultimate Partner

The founding members and staff at UEORS have over 100 years of experience designing and implementing successful EOR projects worldwide.

Health, Safety, and Environment

Health, safety, and the environment are top priorities at UEORS both in the laboratory and in the field. We go above and beyond the federal HSE regulations to ensure the safety of our workers, the community, and the environment. Training programs, safety meetings, and inspections are conducted regularly to ensure the UEORS team is always thinking safety first.

Our Capabilities

  • Unconventional EOR
  • Reservoir screening and ranking for EOR
  • EOR design and optimization
  • Evaluation of EOR surfactants and polymers
  • Experience in EOR for carbonate reservoirs
  • Wettability alteration EOR technologies
  • Salinity modified waterfloods for sandstone and carbonates
  • Tracer test design and analysis
  • Reservoir engineering and numerical simulation
  • Pilot design
  • Evaluation of friction reducers (FR) for hydraulic fracturing
  • Consulting and training courses
  • Field support program